The CO-OP Academy

The Academy

The International CO-OP Academy was formed as a result of a four day meeting held in Toronto in the fall of 2011, with researchers, clinicians, and educators from North America, Europe, and Australia.

Our Vision

To optimize people’s participation and engagement in daily life through a cognitive orientation to daily occupational performance.

Our Mission

The CO-OP Academy is a “not-for-profit” community of scholars whose mission is to advance the development and evidence base of the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) Approach, to lead CO-OP knowledge translation and mentorship and to provide a forum for international networking among CO-OP researchers, trainers, practitioners and consumers.

Our Values

The CO-OP Academy values international collaboration, sharing, quality, responsibility, egalitarianism, excellence, integrity and diversity.


The International CO-OP Academy has three committees: networking, knowledge translation, and knowledge generation. The Academy is operated by an executive committee with a chair, a secretary, a networking coordinator, a knowledge translation coordinator, and a knowledge generation coordinator.

Logo Policy

CO-OP instructors must use the CO-OP logo on communication mediums (e.g. pamphlets, websites) and inform the Academy of its usage. Others are not permitted to use the CO-OP logo without express permission of the CO-OP Academy executive committee.