Becoming a Certified Therapist

Becoming a Certified CO-OP Therapist

An individual can be certified as a CO-OP therapist by demonstrating competency in CO-OP’s essential elements in a CO-OP Certification Course. The Certification Course is done after, and usually separately from, a basic CO-OP workshop.  The CO-OP Certification course can be arranged as a face-to-face workshop.  Please note that not all CO-OP instructors are eligible to certify therapists.

To receive certification a therapist must demonstrate competence in the application of the five essential elements of CO-OP, most especially, use of strategies, guided discovery and dynamic performance analysis, and enabling principles. Once the competencies have been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the certifying instructor, the therapist is issued a certificate by the Academy and a certification number. The name of all therapists having received certification in the previous five years will appear on the CO-OP website. All other names will be kept in the website archive.

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The Academy has sole responsibility for the certification of CO-OP therapists.