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New CO-OP Book

A new text has been published that brings together the most current thinking on the CO-OP Approach’s theory and practice.

Dawson, D.R., McEwen, S. E., and Polatajko, H.J. (Eds.). (2017). Cognitive Orientation to daily Performance in Occupational Therapy. Bethesda, MD: AOTA Press.

It may be purchased from the AOTA store.

CO-OP book in English

You can order English language Enabling Occupation materials on the CAOT website.

CO-OP book in French

You can order French language Enabling Occupation materials on the CAOT website.

CO-OP book in German

You can order German language Enabling Occupation materials on Amazon. It is out of print but can sometimes be found in new or used condition from resellers.

Useful Documents

The following documents were compiled by Jolien van den Houten and Rianne Jansens at Zuyd University:

CO-OP Information Booklet in English

CO-OP Information Booklet in German

CO-OP Information Booklet in Dutch

CO-OP Information Booklet in Greek